For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: I posted a job and it won’t let me submit it. What’s the deal?

A: You need to finish creating your profile first to post your job.

Q: OK. So how do I create my profile?

A: You need to finish creating your profile first to post your job. Do you see that Howdy greeting at the top right hand side of the page? Just hover over that and click on the edit my profile link.

Q: So I got that far by clicking on the edit my profile link. So now what do I do?

A: Just fill out the form with as much information as you are comfortable filling out and then click on the “generate password” button next to “new password”. You can use the crazy long password but we don’t recommend it. If I were you enter one that is a little easier to remember. Of course make sure that it is a strong password by including upper case & lower case letters as well as some numbers and special characters. Once you’ve created a password click on the confirm password checkbox and then click “update profile” button. WAIT!!! Did you remember to write it down first?

Q: So now that I created a user profile how do I finish posting my job?

A: You see that house next to TeleportJobs at the top left of the screen? Click on that. Then click on the Post a Job Link. This will bring you to where you left off. You should be able to now click on “submit listing”. If not then something went terribly wrong and you should contact us at the link above.